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Smart Tech offers a complete technology solution to aged-care and retirement village providers, helping to connect people to each other, to their homes, and to their communities through a seamlessly connected network of Internet of Things smart homeware and intelligent software. Effective technologies can improve retirement living lifestyles with stylish and smart health and home products. Smart Tech is committed to servicing the elderly, as a one-stop shop putting the user at the heart of our technology experience. 

Smart Life

Smart Life cloud platform is a smart platform that includes resource integration, service collection, and value sharing. It aims to connect all resources, realize the multiple connections of people, equipment, and resources, and build a smart home ecosystem with household consumption as the core function.

Smart Care

Smart Care nursing home ERP management system adopts the world’s most advanced SOA architecture. The software includes nine functional modules and three APP terminals. Users can freely combine functions, customize, reorganize and transform them.

Smart Health

Smart Health equipment includes multi-function watches, PAD and emergency call buttons, customized safety and health monitoring functions for the elderly, two-way communication on the cloud platform through wireless technology and monitoring center, collecting and analyzing health data, for the safety of the elderly.

Smart Home

Smart Home equipment uses cloud computing, network communication, automatic control and other technologies to make family life more comfortable, safe, effective and energy-saving. Transform the original stationary home equipment into “smart” tools to help families maintain smooth information exchanges with the outside world, and optimize people’s lifestyles.

Smart Commercial

Smart Commercial smart business equipment, through powerful cloud computing, manages huge data, and uses it in a variety of work scenarios, so that office and smart energy saving are connected together, reducing labor costs, equipment saving electricity, and protecting precious earth resources.

Smart Tech has always insisted on relying on modern technology to establish an information database for the elderly, forming an Internet-based smart home care platform, allowing people to enjoy a comfortable home life.

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