Smart Care ERP

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)is the most advanced business management system.

Based on ERP, Smart Tech developed own smart home ERP platform for retirement village.

The platform is designed to integrate all functions required by a retirement village, including a Resident App interface and third party contractors all into a single managing software system.



The platform eliminates repetitive processes and greatly reduces the need to manually enter information. It also improves daily business activities by streamlining business processes. No matter what department staff work in,with the data entered into the ERP being centralised and consistent, teams can easily share information and collaborate. It updates in real time, no matter what time or location, the opportunity to communicate, share information and use data is always available and accurate.

The following flow chart best demonstrates how Smart Tech ERP system works:

Customer Relationship Management

Client Application

Client Registration

Client Evaluation

Choose Care Plan 

Client Move in

My Sterling APP for Residents

Smart Home Control

Resident Information

Online Food Order

Medication Record

Health Diary

Emergency Services

Community Notices

Instant Messaging

Nursing APP

Care Plan

Resident Info

Medication Record

Daily Schedule

Resident Health Diary

Work Reminder

Maintainence APP

Property Repair List

Inventory Management

ERP Integration System






Village Maintenance

Care & Medical Service


System Admin